It's Not About You: Why Your Legal Marketing Must Speak to Your Client

Like many attorneys, you have probably written endless briefs and case summaries, each more dry and lifeless than the last. Now that you’re faced with writing content for your legal website, you’re excited to start talking about you: your interests, your ideas, and what makes you tick.Are you speaking the same language as your clients?


It may seem like your law firm’s website is all about you, but if done correctly, it should be all about them. Your prospective client might care about where you went to law school, but it’s not the first thing on his mind. He has questions, he’s scared, and he needs help. Hiring an attorney isn’t just a job interview based on qualifications, it’s an emotional decision. Your customer needs to trust you. How much is he going to trust an attorney who can’t stop talking about himself?

If your current website is full of “us, our, and we” instead of “you” and “yours,” here are a few ways to turn the conversation to the reader instead of your firm:

  • Say it first, say it fast. Most prospective clients will see dozens of lawyer websites per day, and they’re not going to waste time trying to find information on your site. Don’t waste valuable time and space on a logo or welcome message; say what you do and how you can help in the first paragraph, and keep it catchy.
  • Use layman’s terms. Too many attorneys rely on legal jargon in their web copy. Ask yourself: are you hoping to attract clients or other attorneys to your site? Would your clients be able to understand the legal terms you use? Remember: don’t write for you; write for them.
  • Keep them interested. You should offer a wealth of information on issues directly facing the customer after their particular legal issue. A customer who has been in a car accident may click on an article dealing with his particular injury for the information he was looking for, but a follow-up link to insurance problems after a crash will keep him reading.

Remember: all of your materials should be pointed at telling your readers early and often how much you care, how much you know, and how you will help. Once you have nothing more to tell them, readers will quickly leave your site.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.