Raising the Right Office Staff (Part B)

Your Associates Can Boost Your Legal Marketing

Empowering your office staff can yield big resultsMany lawyers who aren't looking to bring on partners see associates as a necessary evil, an expense you need to deal with just to get your legal work done. Those closed-minded lawyers aren't the successful entrepreneurs that see associates as a benefit to their legal marketing machine.

Here are a few tips on how to help your associates bring clients in and put more money into your firm: 

  • Help your associates identify what in their career makes them happy and encourage them to pursue those goals.
  • Encourage them to be responsible for achieving those goals without you or anyone else having to mentor them.
  • Promote networking with their law school classmates, other associates, staff, partners, etc.
  • Support your associates with professional communication and attention. 

When your associates feel like they are a valuable part of your law firm's operation, they'll be more eager to promote the good image your law firm strives for in its legal marketing efforts.

Is There a Danger With Successful Associates?

Yes and no. You may fear that by grooming successful, independent associates that they'll become rivals later on. But if you're working with good, honest associates, they'll hopefully subscribe to the old "don't bite the hand that feeds you" adage if they do choose to move on from your firm.

In many cases, I've seen happy office staff transition from one law firm to another, but still remember to support the firm they came from. Even if an associate moves on and becomes a partner at another law firm, they can be a source of client leads for cases they're not taking.

There's no harm in promoting job satisfaction among your office staff and associates because a happy office is a functional office. The more satisfied your office staff is at what they do, the less likely they are to quit or be malicious against your firm if they choose to move on. Your goal with your law firm is to make your associates' time there such a great experience that they'd want to promote the ongoing success of your office even if they are no longer a part of your team.

Ben Glass
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