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Learn how thousands of other solo and small firm attorneys are marketing and managing their practices better with the help of America’s top attorney guru, Ben Glass.

By joining Great Legal Marketing, attorneys like you discover and implement proven marketing and management strategies that have transformed all kinds of practices. You will discover how to build better referral relationship, improve your internet marketing, expand into new markets, better manage your employees, and so much more – this really is a “club” for success-minded attorneys who want more than just an average practice. We take pride in having members who are ambitious, motivated, and determined attorneys who understand that their law practice is also a business.

We have an exceptional track record of changing the lives of our members. We frequently hear reports of double- and triple-digit growth from our members. And the goal achieved don’t stop there. Our members have told us that being with Great Legal Marketing has given them their lives back so they can do what they really love in life. The power of our programs has also been credited with regular month-long vacations, turning 70-hour work weeks into a highly efficient 40 hours, saving marriages, significant weight loss, countless jobs created, and even improved golf scores.

We want to help you create your own success story.

How Does GLM Work?

You will work with Ben Glass and his team to discover how to build your dream practice, even in crowded marketplaces. You will have access to a host of resources, training programs, telecoaching, one-to-one coaching, books, and much more depending n your level of membership (Gold, Platinum, or Mastermind).

“How Do I Get Started?”

If you are new to legal marketing, have limited resources, or just want to get your feet wet with almost no risk to you, you will want to start with our Gold Program. This is where most of our members begin their journey with us.

Gold Marketers- Where Most of Our Members Begin

You can test drive a free month of membership with Great Legal Marketing by investing in our BRAND NEW Power Tools Program for solo and small firm attorneys. Click here to learn more!

Gold Membership Includes…

  • Instant access to the Private Membership Site (THE VAULT), with thousands of dollars of information including archived newsletters, calls, and bonus materials
  • Monthly Great Legal Marketing newsletter, packed with strategies and tactics you can put to work for you in your firm
  • Monthly live Gold Implementation Calls that cover a specific marketing or management topic and lays out actionable steps for you (also sent to you as a CD with your monthly newsletter)
  • Members-only discounts for live events

Test Drive your free month of membership starting TODAY!

Diamond Practice Builders - For Those Who Are Ready to Accelerate Their Growth

If you are more sophisticated with your marketing or have been a Gold Member with GLM for a while, then you “get it.” You are ready to step it up a notch and discover how to accelerate your growth and build a truly dominant practice. You are always looking for the next big idea to edge out your competition.

If that sounds like you, you can apply to be a Great Legal Marketing Diamond Practice Builder. This is BY APPLICATION ONLY (contact [email protected] to get the process started).

Diamond Practice Builders get all the benefit of Gold Members, PLUS they get access to:

  • Monthly Live Diamond Only Call which features top, nationally-known experts discussing marketing and business-building for your practice (also sent as a CD)
  • Monthly Live Mindset Call with the critical information you need to manage your time, your employees, your own mental energy, and much more – this is a key to success (also sent as a CD)
  • Weekly Diamond Tip with up-to-date interesting and relevant information about marketing, management, and mindset
  • Diamond Members Only discounts and access to other special benefits

Platinum MasterMind - An Exclusive Invite Only Group

This program is by invite only and is for truly serious marketers and practice-builders who want to be directly associated with other attorneys equally invested in the collective success of the group. Right now this group is full, and our members have the first opportunity to join when new spots open up.