Patience and Persistence: Bringing an Online Contact to Your Front Door

Most legal practice marketing campaigns are built on hard-and-fast rules to keep your business moving. However, in the real world, a customer’s situation may not be so cut-and-dried. 

For example, attorneys are told that they must constantly appeal to their customers in order to get them to call—but they don’t want to employ underhanded tactics or cheesy ad slogans. So how can attorneys keep in contact with customers without looking like they’re begging for business?

Do you want to convert more of your online contacts? Discover ways to follow-up with contacts here.In his Great Legal Marketing book, attorney Ben Glass recommends asking the following questions when devising a strategy for customer conversion:

  • What happens to the names of those people who contact us, but are not ready to hire an attorney? Your customer database file should be fed constantly with names, even if you and the customer don’t currently fill each other’s needs. The person who passes on your services now could refer someone in the future.
  • How can we be sure that all customers’ contact information is automatically added to our database, no matter what media they use? There are a number of electronic systems available that will compile lists of your contacts for you; however, names that are not submitted electronically may fall through the cracks. And if your system doesn’t include those who contact you via social media, you’ll lose even more opportunities.
  • How can we convince our prospects that we are the wise man/woman at the top of the mountain without using silly advertising or violating any ethical concerns? This question needs to be asked frequently to make sure your law firm’s marketing campaign is both appealing and reputable. The simple answer is: there are many ways to appear wise, but you want to be wise. Be respectful and informative: show potential clients how you can help, how you have helped others, and that you are aware of what they are going through. An effective legal advertising pitch won’t look like a pitch at all.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.