Do Social Media Buttons Help Your Law Firm Marketing?

Think about the last time you had to make a big decision about whom to hire. Whether you were deciding which realtor to use, which doctor to consult, or which insurance agent to work with, you likely started your search with your friends and relatives. If the people whom you hold in high regard recommended a professional to you, then you probably felt like you could trust that professional with your own business.

This is no less true for lawyers. Now, it is easier than ever for our existing clients and people who simply like us or find us interesting to recommend us to their friends. The social media buttons at the bottom of every webpage allow those who view and like the content on our law firm website to share it with others.

Social Media Buttons for Law Firm Websites

If you haven't done so already, you should consider adding the following social media buttons to your law firm website:

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media sites. Once someone likes your article, blog, frequently asked question, or other item it will show up on their newsfeed for their friends to see. Their friends can then share it with their friends and so on.
  • Twitter: Twitter is the world's most popular micro blogging site. In 140 characters or less people share news, and links, with their followers. Add the twitter button and let others tweet your content.
  • Google+: Although Google+ is a relative newcomer to the social media world, it is already a powerful force. With one button, a person can add your content to their Google+ stream for a select, or complete, list of their followers.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the social media site that specializes in professional networking. People who add your content to their LinkedIn page easily share it with all of their followers.
  • YouTube: Videos are some of your most powerful law firm marketing tools. Allow others to easily share your videos via their YouTube accounts.


Social Media is a Valuable Part of Your Legal Marketing Campaign


Think of social media as free advertising and a great way to reach hundreds of people who didn't even know they were looking for you. For no additional expense, you can add the social media buttons described above, and others, to your website, and the returns can be tremendous.


To learn more about social media attorney marketing strategies, please look at other resources on our website or call us today at 703.591.9829.

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