Improve Your Law Firm Marketing Based on the Success of Others

After taking the plunge into the world of attorney marketing, some lawyers feel confused as to where to turn for advice on how to constantly improve their techniques. While reading books, attending seminars, and consulting legal advertising firms are excellent resources, there is free information right in front of us every day. Where does this information come from? It is the living examples of successful people, in every industry, that we come across on a daily basis.


The first step to capitalizing on this free form of legal marketing advice is to broaden the scope of who is considered a “successful person” to learn from. This individual does not have to be a legal professional. In fact, the person may have nothing to do with, and zero knowledge about, the law or the attorney’s target practice area. This is because many of the factors that contribute to the success of a business hold true across any industry.


So what should an attorney do when he or she comes across a successful individual? A good idea is to ask the following questions, the first two of the individual and the second of his or herself:


1.      What the individual did that made him or her successful.

2.      How the individual knew to take those actions.

3.      How those tactics can be applied to the attorney’s own practice.


By asking these questions, the lawyer will obtain information valuable to a successful attorney marketing plan. If it is not possible to communicate directly with the individual, oftentimes the information can be found by researching his or her background online.


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