How to Use Other Legal Websites to Boost Your Own Law Firm Marketing

Utilizing educational and informative websites, newsletters, print advertisements, and web videos is an excellent way to maximize your law firm marketing. Another inexpensive, less well-known method is to take advantage of legal websites such as and for your own law firm's purposes. These websites allow individuals to post legal questions to the website that are then answered by licensed attorneys.


In particular, Avvo offers the following to users of its site:


  • Allows consumers to post legal questions and receive free answers from qualified professionals

  • Allows consumers to review attorneys' profiles which contain their professional experience, background, and disciplinary history, if any

  • Allows consumers to see an "Avvo rating" of each attorney, which is calculated based upon the lawyer's years of experience, certifications, history, and other factors


As a result, many consumers turn to websites like this when faced with a legal problem prior to contacting a lawyer. In return, savvy attorneys can utilize these sites as part of their overall attorney marketing plan. There are several ways in which a lawyer can use other legal websites, such as Avvo and LawGuru, to their advantage, including:


  • Opportunity to build trust and respect in the community by providing thoughtful, informative answers to legal questions posted

  • Increases the name recognition of the firm by maintaining an active presence on the website, especially for websites which have targeted specific geographic areas

  • Offers the attorney the opportunity to maintain a profile about his or her background, including reviews posted by satisfied clients

  • Obtains ideas for written content on the law firm's own website


With regard to the last point, websites like Avvo are useful in lawyer marketing because they offer insight into the questions that the firm's target market is seeking an answer to. It is important to be continuously aware of the issues concerning potential clients so that attorney marketing materials can address these specific concerns.


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