Ben Glass teaches a lot about marketing. Here is the big picture.A lot of planning, thinking, and hard work goes into a successful marketing campaign. For some companies, investing loads of money into the billboard-and-park-bench strategy works out. Others take a more in-depth and comprehensive campaign that approaches potential clients in a wider range.

While many differences exist in how law firms run their businesses on the ground level, a few ideas and practices work in the big picture. Ben Glass of Great Law Marketing has an overall view that should work for most law firms. Here are some of the main points:

  • Successful marketing is a complex field. If there were one simple, perfect way to do it, everyone would be a millionaire lawyer. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 
  • It’s your company, so you decide who the clients are. You choose what kind of clients you’re looking for and what clients you accept.
  • Use a good database that will provide a large group for your marketing to hit. 
  • Treat your contact list like friends. Keep in contact with them and remind them that you’re still there, even when they don’t need you right away. They have friends too, and if their friends need a good lawyer… hey, they know someone!
  • Snail mail is special. Imagine how good it feels for clients to pull a personalized letter out their pile of bills and junk mail. They’ll remember it when they need you.
  • Remember that clients will look for you when they need you. Be present on the internet and the Yellow Pages (yes, they still exist) so when people look for someone, they find you.
  • Get real information where people can find it. The fact that you’re a lawyer may not stick with them, but compelling information and resources might. You should be the one to give it to them when they need it and look for it.
  • Follow up with the people. Play it cool, but don’t play hard to get. Make sure they remember you by staying relevant.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.