Think You Don’t Have the Time for Law Firm Marketing? Think Again

For many new lawyers or experienced lawyers who are just beginning to learn about attorney marketing techniques, the process can feel overwhelming. Time is a vital commodity for legal professionals, and sacrificing the sacred “billable hour” to devote to something without an immediate return on investment can feel painful. Smart lawyers, however, recognize that not only is legal marketing essential to growing a thriving practice, but doing it properly can be far less time consuming than many think. The secret is to work hard, but smart.

During the day, countless valuable minutes and hours are lost that could be devoted to implementing a legal marketing strategy. Many professionals look back at the day and wonder where the time went. What they do not realize, however, is that five or ten minutes lost to simple activities add up to several hours over the course of a day. These activities include:

  • Posting on personal (non-law firm) Twitter accounts
  • Socializing on personal Facebook accounts
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Watching videos online
  • Sending personal emails
  • Making personal phone calls

While taking breaks is important for staying fresh and charged throughout the work day, attorneys must be aware of exactly how much time they are losing that could be spent on law firm marketing. By working smarter, the attorney can become more efficient in how he or she manages time throughout the day. Rather than losing precious time to meaningless activities like those outlined above, a block of time could be set aside specifically to work on legal marketing.

Over time, with the proper attorney marketing strategy in place, the time required to devote to the strategy will decrease. The end result is less time wasted on non-productive activities, more time spent generating new clients, and the development of a legal marketing plan that eventually is self-sustaining.

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Ben Glass
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