Law firm marketing can be a tricky business. The idea of trying to attract potential clients during what is probably a very difficult time in their lives can get frustrating. Generally, people aren’t really happy about having to go find a lawyer. But marketing can be almost a game for some, who enjoy trying out different psychological theories and trying to predict what will work best. It’s not all Mad Men though, and a lot of work goes into putting together a successful legal marketing strategy. 

Many hands make light work

Create a small marketing committee within your office.One way to make things easier—and probably more effective—is to form a small marketing committee in the office that involves several different people with various viewpoints and experiences. This might sound crazy when there never seems to be enough time for current business, but think of it as a time investment. A few employees taking one or two hours a week for a brainstorming meeting can lead to more diverse and profitable clients and save you time in the long run. It will also mean that a single person is not buckling under the twin duties of his office caseload and his responsibilities as lead marketer for the firm. 

It will also help run the project efficiently because people will hold each other accountable for the demands of the project, and people don’t like to be in meetings longer than they have to be. This will keep people on task during a meeting, and prepare through the week what they want to bring to the table.

Getting together a diverse group can help a lot. Gather the experienced veteran, the new partner, the secretary, an intern, and maybe even a client or community member. The diverse views, opinions, and experiences can help drive the marketing project with bigger and better ideas through discussion. Different people are reached in different ways by marketing, and having different people in on the discussion will help get a better idea of how to reach the types of clients your firm wants to attract.

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