Successful Marketing Through Communication

One of the more effective marketing strategies for law firms is the written word. Not the personalized hand-written word of a note, or the mass-audience word of an online news posting, but something in the middle of those extremes. A mailed monthly newsletter can reach the exact people that you know have an interest in your law firm. They made it into your contact database for a reason, so you might as well speak to the people you know are interested. 

A monthly newsletter might not be as sexy as TV ads or targeted Internet ads, but without the local community, the nearby businesses would have a hard time existing. And these monthly newsletters matter and are much more relevant than a yearly Yellow Pages ad. Believe it or not, newsletters work.

It is much cheaper to keep an existing client than finding a new client, and a former client referring a new one isn’t bad either. Keeping your law firm’s name in their minds is always a good strategy, especially if they way you do it keeps your practice relevant to their lives!

People will read your newsletters if they’re written properly, and they will keep your name close to mind. Even if a former client doesn’t read a single word of your newsletter, here’s a possible conversation:How a printed, monthly newsletter can increase referrals from former clients.

  • Potential client: “Hey, what’s this?”
  • Former client: “Oh, it’s a newsletter from a lawyer who did some work for me last year.”
  • Potential Client: “Really? How were they? I’ve been looking for someone to look at some legal things for me.”

And there is a new client! The former client didn’t even have to refer you; your work and professional communication took care of everything for you. Is that new client worth the few dollars you spent in postage over a couple years? Definitely.

Communicate with the community. It’s just good lawyer marketing.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.