Staying Positive When Others Aren’t (Part Two)

They Worry, You Work

Why you shouldn't worry and how you can embrace change in the legal industry.I've found that there's very little in life that's worth worrying about because there's always something you can do to fix it. I guess that's why I don't worry nearly as much as my peers!

There's little in our daily lives-legal marketing, getting new clients and cases, fighting for change in local legislation, etc.-that we can't be proactive about. Lawyer entrepreneurs will find out what's causing worry among their peers and investigate a way to make it better, rather than letting it overwhelm them with concern.

The other lawyers aren't going to get anywhere sitting around and complaining, so you as the successful lawyer-entrepreneur can capitalize on their inaction.

Say there's new legislation approaching that would reduce the state malpractice cap to $500,000 per case. While the other lawyers and their clients throw up their arms and complain, you focus your new legal marketing campaign on how to fight this impending law.

Your lawyer marketing will tell your clients ways they can get in on the action, and how you're doing so yourself. Get your name out there not only as a lawyer-entrepreneur but as an activist who cares about local laws and how they impact your clients.

Stand Out From the Crowd as the Only One NOT Worrying

One of the reasons that riots and mass hysteria take place is because of our sheep mentality. When someone sees others panicking, they tend to do the same, because obviously there's something worth making a fuss about. This is the path that lawyer entrepreneurs never follow. Lawyer entrepreneurs march to the beat of their own drum and lead the way to show everyone that it's not the end of the world.

A lawyer-entrepreneur will march off to calmer lands to be joined by those few sane people who realize "this too shall pass." They analyze their local market, see the needs of their clients, and tailor their legal marketing to address those needs. When the other lawyers are grasping at straws trying to make ends meet, you can be the collected, calm one marketing to the needs of your clients rather than blame everything on the woes of the world.

Ben Glass
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