The Difference between an Average Lawyer and An Entrepreneur (Part A)

When someone asks you what you do for a living your answer is going to automatically be, "I'm a lawyer." There's nothing wrong with that - be proud that you've chosen to work in the legal profession. It's a good profession and if you do things right, you too can lead a happy and successful life with good hours, great salary, and time with your family.

If you aren't living that happy, successful life right now, then why not? If you're running your own law firm or have major decision-making power in your firm, you are a business leader as well as a lawyer, and you need to realize this now.

But I'm A Lawyer, Not a Businessman!

If you keep thinking that your law degree is enough to keep your business afloat, you'll run your law firm into the ground. You can't have a practice without cases. You can't have cases without clients. And you can't have clients without attorney marketing. Everything hinges on everything else and if you're not ready to learn what works in each aspect of your law firm, you're not going to have a firm left to represent.

You may say you went into the "legal business" to help people, to make a difference, et cetera, and that's great. Being a lawyer can be a noble cause, fighting for those who have suffered injustice at the hands of others and so on, but there's more to it than that. It's often said that you can't help others unless you can help yourself. If you're unable to keep your staff on payroll and your law firm's electricity on, you're helping no one, including your clients. That's why your attorney marketing plan is so important!

Be An Extraordinary Entrepreneur 

It's not enough to just be a businessman and worry about your law firm, its bottom line, case values and your revenue. You need to figure out a way to achieve financial growth and stability while maintaining your good reputation and enjoying time away from your law firm to live your personal life.

This isn't impossible for an extraordinary entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who can not only succeed, but do it way ahead of the others. They become a leader in their community, setting the example by which others follow. And every entrepreneur out there had to learn it somewhere - either by trial-and-error themselves or from someone else.

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