Advertise with Celebrities – Ethically! (Part B)

Ethical Use of Celebrities

Even though you're using local celebrities, who wouldn't really fit under Bar regulations as a "celebrity endorsement" in your legal marketing, you'd most likely catch some trouble if you randomly had the mayor say he/she recommends your law firm (unless they're a past client).

There are ways to endorse your law practice with a celebrity - even a really famous one - without getting in trouble. One of the best legal marketing tactics I've seen is to piggyback on the celebrity's already newsworthy actions.

For my family law friends out there, how many times have you seen those high-profile celebrity divorce cases in the news? Why not do a blog post discussing actor so-and-so's latest breakup and divorce case? Show your clients that they're no different from celebrities - everyone has the potential to need a divorce attorney at some point.

When In Doubt, Become Your Own Celebrity

No, I'm not suggesting you find your 15-minutes of Internet fame with a silly YouTube video. I'm suggesting you become that pillar of trust and advice within your community. Use your niche legal marketing to create a unique identity within your community and then establish yourself as the guru for all things legal.

Before the days of ugly lawyer advertising, the local attorney was a figure of trust, authority and respect in the community. In small towns, the lawyer was the person you went to with all sorts of serious legal matters, even if that legal issue wasn't their specific practice area. As legal practices evolved and branched out into niche practices, we lost a lot of that authority because there were so many of us. Add that to the bad lawyer advertising and we've got some rebounding to do.

You can be the lawyer that rebounds through your legal marketing. Get out into your community and show that you're a successful, competent attorney who not only does great legal work, but is also concerned with the local goings on. You won't have to look to tag onto a celebrity people trust because you will BE that celebrity!

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