Answer this Question and You Are Well On Your Way to Getting More Cases

How are you going to get people to notice your ad over all the other lawyer advertisements?  If you can answer this question, you are well on your way to increasing your business and getting the types of cases that you want.  You will no longer have to worry that the phone will stop ringing or that you will never get a good case again.  The lights won’t be shut off in your office and you will be able to make payroll.

To get started on the journey to answering this question, let’s look at a hypothetical example that mimics what your potential clients go through when looking for an attorney.

Imagine that you are experiencing tooth pain, but have been postponing going to the dentist.  The idea of getting dental work done makes you uneasy.  However, the pain has gotten so bad, that you know it is time to find a good dentist in your area. Therefore, you decide to open up the Yellow Pages (if you actually have a copy of this archaic book) to locate a dentist.

You are surprised to discover that there are pages and pages of ads for dentists in the Yellow Pages.  How are you going to pick one dentist over another?  Without question, the ads are all going to look pretty similar.  They are going to mention the name of the dental office, the types of services provided and most likely an address and telephone number. Basically, you could swap the names of the dental offices in the ads and nothing would change.

Something different.

Now, what if there was one ad that said, “Afraid of the Dentist? Order our free book, Five Ways to Take the Fear Out of Dental Work.”  That would probably stop you in your tracks.  The headline has grabbed your attention and has spoken directly to the conversation that has been occurring in your mind.  Plus, there is a free book that you can order to help eliminate your worry.  Chances are, you will call this dentist, order the free book and eventually make an appointment.  After all, this dentist appears to know what you are going through and has taken the time to write a book about it.

Your prospects will follow this same pattern when looking for a lawyer.  Most of them do not know how to decipher between a good attorney and one who is not so great.  Give them a reason to call you.  Make your attorney ad stand out from the crowd of advertisements that are all screaming the same message.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.