Are you overwhelmed? Are you wondering how to meet with a new client, write a brief, return your phone calls, answer your emails, appear in court, market your business and maybe even see your family and enjoy your life?

It Can Be Done - And Here's How!

Whether you want time to watch a game, grab a drink with an old friend, or simply have dinner with your family without feeling the pressure of outstanding work, we believe that you can gain that free time by:

  • Decreasing Distractions. Put up the physical and virtual "Do Not Disturb" signs. Let your staff know that they are not to interrupt you with phone calls or questions, so you can focus on the matter before you.
  • Stop Multitasking. Put down your cell phone and clear your desk. Do not attempt to check email while conferencing with opposing counsel. Do not review your calendar while drafting a trust. Concentrate on one task at a time and you will find that it gets done faster and, most likely, better.
  • Make a Calendar and Stick to It. It is important to schedule not only meetings and court dates, but also individual work, such as drafting documents, reviewing medical files, working on law firm marketing campaigns and returning calls or emails.
  • Effective Lawyer Marketing. Spending time developing attorney marketing strategies can help you get the cases that you want to take and weed out the cases that you don't. You may find that you can handle a smaller, and potentially more interesting, caseload and make even more money than you earn now!

Want More Tips for Improving Your Time Management Skills, Your Law Practice and Your Life?

The tips provided above give you an idea about our philosophy, which has proven successful for many attorneys. However, there is more to learn. If you are serious about changing your legal marketing strategy, changing your law practice, and changing your life, then we encourage you to browse our website for many free videos, articles, and other materials that may help you. We also encourage you to call us directly at 703.591.9829.

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