Attorney Internet Marketing Tip #3: Get Local

Many attorneys who have advertised in the Yellow Pages are seeing their results decrease and there is a reason for that.  The major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, have created their own local listing services, which are now being used as resources to find local businesses.

During the April 2010 coaching call, Ben Glass interviewed Shahar Boyayan of BuzzBooster, who provided insight into attorney Internet marketing, including the importance of local online listings.

According to Shahar, getting listed on the search engines’ local services is no longer an option if you want to attract potential clients – it’s a must.  Your address, telephone number, website and even customer reviews are all included in your listing.  You can also promote books or other publications that you have written, which will help you stand out when a prospect is searching online.

Another great local service that you should take advantage of, according to Shahar, is  You can list your business on the site for free and it is very similar to the listing services offered by the major search engines. Plus, many smartphones have applications that use either Google maps or Yelp, so you need to make sure that people can find you.

Here’s the thing you have to remember about individuals who are searching for lawyers online, they will be coming from different places.  You can’t expect to have visitors only converting inside your website.  They will be using their smartphones and some will even be using the new iPad.  Shahar believes that you need to start directing your marketing efforts today toward smartphones and tablets (such as the iPad), as these devices are going to continue to grow in popularity.

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Our Web guru, Tom Foster, has written a book about Google Places, which is Google’s local listing service.  The book discusses the 15 factors that Google looks at when deciding how local businesses are ranked.  You can read more about the book, Google Places: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know to Dominate, on his website.
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