What Makes You Special? Reflect it in Your Lawyer Marketing!

Let’s be clear. We don’t really care how your mother or grandmother would answer this question, though we are sure there are many reasons why they find you special. Instead, we are asking what makes you special to potential clients. What differentiates you from the rest of the attorneys in your area? What makes you unique and the one attorney they should call? The answers to these important questions deserve some time and considerable thought, because once you think of them they are likely to become the cornerstone of your lawyer marketing campaign.
3 Examples of Things That Would Make a Lawyer Special
Some things you might want to consider advertising include:
  • Other professional skills. Are you a medical malpractice lawyer with experience as a doctor or nurse? Are you a personal injury lawyer who used to work for an insurance company? Are you a criminal defense lawyer who used to be a prosecutor? Your potential clients may be interested in your previous (and related) professional experiences.
  • Do other law firms in your area specialize only in the area of law that you do? If you have a unique practice, then you might want to emphasize that and bill your firm as the experts.
  • Do you have any office policies that are different or unusual? Can clients reach you by cell phone, for example? How often do you communicate with clients?
3 Examples of Things That are Nice but Don’t Make a Lawyer Special
Stop! Before you develop a slogan and start putting it all over your attorney marketing materials, consider not using the following:
  • Free consultations provided.
  • No fee unless you recover damages.
  • 1,000 (or somewhere thereabouts) years practicing law.
While these are all nice things and things that won’t hurt your law practice, they are not things you want to advertise prominently in your legal marketing materials. Everyone provides free consultations. Almost all personal injury lawyers take contingency fee cases. No one cares how long you’ve been practicing law.
How to Find Out More About Improving your Lawyer Marketing Messages
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