Too Intimidated to Try Writing a Lawyer Marketing Book? Don’t Be!

When most people think about someone who is a published author, they envision a person who has either studied literature or is a famous expert in their particular field. What many lawyers do not realize, however, is that writing a book is something that any attorney can achieve. The legal profession requires the completion of three years of post-graduate study and a passing score on a state bar exam. If a lawyer can do those things, he or she can certainly be successful writing an attorney marketing book!

Why consider writing a book?

  • Increases the lawyer's credibility and respectability
  • Increases client flow by demonstrating expertise in the lawyer’s field 
  • Allows the lawyer to show depth of knowledge and to go into greater detail than can be done in other forms of attorney marketing
  • Allows the lawyer to show trustworthiness
  • Increases potential areas of exposure to the public, since members of the media may cite to the lawyer’s book
  • Can be given to potential clients to keep

Many attorneys who are intimidated by the thought of writing a book feel that way due to a lack of confidence in their writing ability. However, writing a book that appeals to potential readers is easier than one might think. The following are helpful tips for navigating the book writing process:

  • Avoid being longwinded; potential clients may have a limited attention span
  • Understand who the audience is, and write about the issues the matter to that group
  • Try to connect personally with readers by envisioning speaking to just one person rather than a crowd
  • Adopt a writing style that matches the lawyer’s speaking style
  • Avoid using too much legal jargon; write as an everyday person would
  • Let the lawyer’s personality show, as this helps to connect with readers

The book-writing process becomes less intimidating when it is approached more as a conversation than a literary masterpiece. The payoff is vast, as successful books are a valuable aspect of a lawyer marketing plan. For more information on how to get started, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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