Great Legal Marketing Founder Ben Glass joins with Entrepreneur Guru Michael Gerber: Creating a World Class Law Firm Through Effective, Ethical and Outside the Box Marketing

Attorney Ben Glass, founder of Great Legal Marketing, has announced that he has teamed up with Michael Gerber to create a brand new CD/Workbook product, How to Create a World Class Law Firm Using Effective, Ethical and Outside the Box Marketing. This product, scheduled for release by Great Legal Marketing in June , will surely be a hit for those entrepreneurial attorneys who realize that being the best attorney in the room isn't enough without marketing and systems in place that rocks.

Ben Glass said:

"Many people are familiar with Michael Gerber's work and E-Myth, in particular. Now we have created a product that will introduce attorneys to the world of Great Legal Marketing and a systems based marketing tool. Most lawyer are good at their craft but really don't understand all of the steps necessary to get clients in the door. Gerber explains this in his E-Myth Series and now we are bringing that mindset and those tools to the attorney world."

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.