Attorney Marketing Ideas That Work: What’s “In” in Law Firm Marketing

You've probably noticed certain trends in law firm marketing campaigns. How many attorneys do you see sitting in front of case law books? How many offer you a free consultation? How many state the years they've been in practice?

These timeless legal marketing strategies are always in fashion and may have a part in your lawyer marketing strategy, but they are not what we are talking about here. We don't necessarily want you to be trendy or hang out with "in" crowd. Instead, we want you to use your marketing to get the right clients in your door.

The 3 "Ins" of Successful Attorney Marketing Plans

To that end, we suggest that a successful small law firm plan must be:

  • INteresting. Nobody is going to stick around to hear or read what you have to say if you are dry and boring. You must grab your reader's attention and keep it with interesting content in order to be successful.
  • INformative. Your interesting content must also be relevant and informative. You must provide the information prospective clients are looking for when they search for a local lawyer in your field.
  • INclusive. Make sure your marketing campaign includes all the different types of people who may be looking for you and whom you would want as clients.

Your Attorney Marketing Plan Can Make YOU Successful

Let's be honest. The true measure of whether a lawyer marketing plan is successful is whether or not you get more of the cases that interest you and make you the money you want. If you are serious about making your small law firm marketing plan work, we encourage you to peruse the resources available on our website, including what we have to say on Great Legal Marketing TV.

If you are serious about changing your marketing plans to achieve your professional and personal goals, please call us at 703-591-9829 to discuss your efforts.

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