Yellow Pages: Effective Lawyer Marketing? (Part A)

How long has it been since you saw someone use a copy of the Yellow Pages to find a business? Actually, how long has it been since you saw a copy of the Yellow Pages period? When someone says they need to look for a business, they "Google it" they don't "yellow page it", a sign that times have changed and so should your marketing strategies.

But the Yellow Pages Isn't Dead Yet!

True. There are still a few places you can find copies of the Yellow Pages and people might even use them. There are also places that are still on dial-up PC connections, houses that don't have Internet access, all people that would rather leaf through a phone book for a lawyer with a stand-out print ad than do a little online research.

But think about when people used to use the Yellow Pages. Your drain backed up and you need a plumber, your air conditioner stopped running, your car needs to be towed. Most people went to the Yellow Pages for emergencies and those tend to be one-time clients. Do you really want people calling you for emergency cases like "my boyfriend is in jail, how much do you charge to represent him," when you know they're only interested in price? This won't build you a good clientele.

Yellow Pages Online: Still Worth It?

You can get your business listed for free on the online Yellow Pages. Go ahead, why not? But beware, because they are going to try to up-sell you on all their "enhanced advertising products to bring your listing to life" with statistics like 55% of searches end with a consumer purchasing from a Yellow Pages merchant. A lot of the enhancements they offer aren't any different from what the big guys like Google provide. It should still be noted however, that everyone who searches for services online use actual search engines, they "Google it". If "Yellow Page it" has yet to become a verb in day-to-day speech, it's becoming a dead media.

If you're set on working with the Yellow Pages world, either printed or online, read more for my advice on the best ways to test an effective marketing campaign.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.