The Importance of Community Presence (Part A)

Many lawyers still struggle with the stigma of bad stereotypes and mistrust in the community. Their biggest enemy is the "ambulance-chaser" type lawyers who have the huge, annoying billboards and screaming Yellow Pages ads that promise quick settlements before even reviewing a case. Legal marketing like this helps perpetuate the negative opinion of lawyers in the local community and hurt all of the honest, dedicated legal professionals out there.

The Benefits of a Positive Community Presence

No one wants a negative community presence, but too often do we overlook how the rest of our local area looks at our legal marketing and how that reflects on us as professionals. Regaining the reputation of the lawyer as a trusted source of advice in the community is a challenging task. With so many negative media stereotypes out there, from the sleazy lawyer to the overworked shark, it's sometimes hard to convince people that we're human, too.

When you have a good community presence, you become more than just the respected local attorney, you become a legal guru. People will see your legal marketing and come to you for knowledge of legal matters, some even outside the scope of your area of practice. The strength in having this trust is that even if you can't help them, you will be able to refer them to someone who can. This means everyone is going to want to be your friend, because your word will carry more weight when you're the one recommending them.

Legal Marketing to Enhance Your Community Presence

How your legal marketing appears to your potential clients is critical to a positive community presence.
I'm not just talking about your physical appearance, although that can be a large part of it. I'm more focused on the message your legal marketing is sending to the community.

If you're just another billboard screaming for accident victims to call your law office now for a quick payday, you're not going to be very convincing that you care about your community. Your legal marketing should be focused on offering your potential clients more information on their situation and options. That's a much better instance of community involvement.

The key to community involvement is participating in your community in a positive way that not only benefits your clients, but the community as a whole.
Whether you're a personal injury, business law, or family lawyer, these are needs of the community, and the job of your legal marketing is to show that you want to fill those needs.

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