“Free Consultation” is NOT an Irresistible Offer

If you are among the countless attorneys who use “free consultation” or “free case evaluation” as an irresistible offer, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.  With all of the hundreds of ads saying the same thing, how will your firm standout? 

One of the most successful ways to get someone to stop and contact your company is to have an irresistible offer in your advertisement or on your website that is different than your competition.  A free consultation, or other similar promotion, is not an irresistible offer that will attract new cases.  Just about every law firm offers a free consultation, so it is not very unique.  If you use it as the primary reason someone should call you, you are probably not going to make your telephone ring as much as you would like.

An irresistible offer is something that makes potential clients say to themselves, “I would be a fool to do anything else today before I contacted this law firm (or business).”  It needs to be an offer that is so enticing that the person reading your ad believes that it would be a huge mistake to not to take you up on it.  Free books, reports and CDs are great examples of irresistible offers. 

A lawyer advertisement used to appear in the Yellow Pages that was primarily focused on an irresistible offer.  Instead of using the same offers as other attorneys, this ad had an interesting headline and offer of a free book, I’m Sick and Tired of the Insurance Companies Taking Advantage of People.  This ad, which had the law firm listed in small print and didn’t even have an attorney picture, was highly responsive.

Your irresistible offer is a key component in creating a winning marketing message.  When you combine your offer with a strong headline and interesting copy, you are able to get the conversation started.  You are now one on one with the client, because you are in essence, having a discussion with an individual who has a problem in your area of specialty.   This person has stayed long enough on your website or ad, wants your irresistible offer and is on the way to becoming your client.  At this point, you can spend the money to tell a complete story to that person.

Your goal with your irresistible offer is to simply get people to raise their hands and say that they are interested, let’s get the conversation started.  You want them to stop their search and wait for you to respond.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.