What Your Law Firm Website Must Have in Addition to Good Content

You’ve looked at a lot of attorney websites. You’ve seen what you like and what you don’t like. You’ve talked to marketing experts and you’ve developed a lawyer marketing strategy that you are excited about. Yet, when it comes time to creating (or revising) your own law firm website, you get stuck.

3 Must-Haves for Your Law Firm Website

While every website should be unique and have content that sets your firm apart from your competitors, there are some common elements of small law firm websites that your firm should feature prominently. These features include:

  • Video. Video allows potential clients to see you, to hear you speak, and to feel like they get to know you before picking up the call. Your video may establish a familiarity and a sense of trust that leads potential clients to call you as opposed to your competitors.
  • Free Books. Just as there are different types of learners in school, prospective clients prefer to get their information in different ways. Many people may prefer to read a book that you have written that is relevant to their problem. It will not only set you apart from your competition, but also establish you as an educated resource, or expert, on the subject matter.
  • Live Chat. Many people want instant access to your firm when they have questions or are trying to make a decision about who to hire. An internet live-chat option may allow you to provide this access to your prospective clients.

How to Make a Video, Write a Book, or Pull Off Live Chat 24/7 as Part of Attorney Marketing Strategy

These things may seem daunting when combined with your primary job which is, and will remain, the practice of law. However, there are many resources available to you that will help accomplish creating a terrific video, writing a useful book, and being able to communicate with potential clients around the clock.

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