Top Lawyer Success Tips From Legal Marketing Guru, Ben Glass (Part A)

As both a lawyer and a legal marketing guru, I can tell you that there's no sure-fire way to create your ideal life in the legal profession. I've spent years learning the "think outside of the box" methods that I discuss on this website and in my seminars, books and reports. Below is a snippet of the information that I have assembled. (For the full story, contact Great Legal Marketing.)

Tip #1 - Don't Compromise

Many lawyers live under the false pretense that "the law is a jealous mistress" and they need to work those 60+-hour work weeks because that's the norm. Did you really become a lawyer to give up all of your free time? Part of being a successful lawyer is having the time to live the personal life you desire.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your time, health, family or sanity to run a successful legal practice. With good lawyer marketing tactics you can build a herd of devoted clients that bring you the kind of cases you want, rather than having to be a slave to a practice you don't enjoy.  

Tip #2 - Be Open to New Things

If you find yourself hanging around with too many closed-minded, pessimistic individuals - stop. Misery loves company and those bad habits are just going to stunt your potential growth as a successful, positive lawyer. Be careful with how you spend your time, too. There are those out there who think nothing of stealing your valuable time from you and my 3-CD set "Militant Time Management for Attorneys" will help you avoid them.

Successful lawyers that are exposed to new ideas take this information and say: "I'm going to take some initiative to explore this and see if I can use it to help my own goals." This is especially true with setting up a legal marketing campaign and individual lawyer marketing efforts.

If you don't take the time to look at your legal marketing campaign and see what new media, automation, and a little bit of effort can do for your law firm, you won't get very far toward your ideal life.

Tip #3 - Learn From Those Who Are Already There

One of the best ways people improve themselves is by emulating those that are already successful. My goal with Great Legal Marketing is to show other lawyers that they too can run a successful law office without having to sacrifice their free time or neglect their personal lives.

In my seminars and publications, I draw from numerous other successful entrepreneurs - lawyers and businessmen alike - who all got where they are through their own method of "outside of the box" thinking. There's no better guide than the person who has already walked the path to success.

I gave a talk to students at Christopher Newport University titled "How to Be Successful in America" which is available to you in audio CD format. Attending seminars like mine, and learning from respected legal marketing professionals is one of the keys to your own success.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.