The Social Media Bandwagon Is Here to Stay—and You Need to Climb on Board

If you have kids in middle school, high school or college, you probably know all about sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. Even if you're not active on them yourself, at least you have a broad idea of how they're used, and by whom. You may even be fully plugged into Facebook yourself, sharing details of your day with hundreds of friends, coworkers and family members. But if you don't use social media to help promote your law practice, you'll be doing yourself a major disservice!

Social Media Takes Many Forms

What are the major social media sites? Well, the landscape is constantly changing, but the current leaders include:

  • Facebook. This is where you can “friend” people, keep them posted on the latest developments in your life, share things you think are funny or interesting, and maintain a running conversation with whoever happens to be available. Most businesses (including law firms) have some Facebook presence.
  • Twitter. This service lets you send short (no more than a couple of sentences) “tweets” to your list of followers, which can be accompanied by links to pertinent articles. A surprising number of people today get their news from tweets, rather than conventional news sources such as CNN.Are you using social media for your law firm?
  • YouTube. Every day, thousands of amateur videos are posted to this service, and break out (or “viral”) videos are viewed millions of times. YouTube also contains many videos where people share their views on everything from politics to social commentary.
  • Reddit. Reddit has cleaned up its image in the last few years. It is divided into subreddits, or boards, where people interested in a particular subject can gather and start threads about related topics. While Reddit isn't completely anonymous, it is more private than Facebook or Twitter. People tend to ask longer, and more detailed questions in a Reddit thread, which can give you the opportunity to share your legal experience.

Social Media Can Help Your Law Firm

Social media sites are places for like-minded individuals to share news, details about their lives and items they believe their friends will find funny or thought-provoking. They're also the first places many people go when they want to get a recommendation for a lawyer!

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