How to Get Clients When You Are Just Like Everyone Else

Standing out in a crowded marketplace.You are an exceptional attorney. You attended a great law school, you may have won an incredible number of jury trials, and you may be a skilled negotiator. However, you are like many other lawyers in your area. How do you "stand out" in such a crowded marketplace?

This is the biggest obstacle many attorneys have; setting yourself apart from all the other attorneys when you are no different or better. There are many ways to achieve this, but the first hurdle you have to overcome is your perception of yourself.

Each human being is special in some way. These aren't just warm, fuzzy words. No single person on this planet has had the same life as you. You need to get comfortable using what is unique about you and show that to the world.

People like personal stories. They connect with those stories, empathize with them, and when they hear a unique story they begin to see that person as "more human." That is why your traditional lawyer marketing (attorneys in business suits screaming "free consultation!") are so ineffective. That advertisement is bland and impersonal.

Develop Your Personal Story

Why are you an attorney? What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies? What is your origin story?

Cultivating a personal story that you tell about yourself or your law firm is a great way to start differentiating yourself from other attorneys. Ask yourself the questions above and construct a narrative. Share this story with your staff and see what peaks their interest.

We helped an attorney do a video shoot several years ago. He came prepared with a rehearsed script that talked about the kind of cases his law firm takes and some details about his practice of law. After he finished his script, we encouraged him to talk a little about himself. He resisted at first, then he said, "Well, my family says I bleed red during football season, and camo during turkey season," and he laughed. He was a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and a turkey hunter.

When we edited the video, we added that line near the end of his video. He showed the video to his office staff, and it was a huge hit! All his staff talked about was the line about football and turkey hunting. This little personal touch to the video put it over the top. After that experience, he made more videos. In each one he talked more about his personality, and he went on to incorporate that into his law firm's brand.

Educate Your Clients

The reason that your future clients will want to hire you is that you provide useful information and answer their questions – even before you meet them. It does not matter where you want to school, what your record is, or what bar committees you serve on. The people who visit your office want to know what you are going to do for them. They want to know if you are going to help them afford medical care or recover lost income. They want to know what they should do to protect their personal injury claims. In other words, it is about them and not about you. If you remember that, then the people who see your personal injury attorney marketing materials or website will want to hire you.

You can achieve this by providing your clients with information they need when they visit your website. One core principle of Great Legal Marketing membership is developing a lead generation device, like a book or a report, that will answer the key questions of your ideal client.

Some lawyers avoid giving away too much information out of fear that their clients will try to handle their legal issue themselves. While it is true, a few potential clients will try to settle their legal issues themselves, however the majority will review the information and still choose to hire an attorney. For those clients, hiring a lawyer is worth the cost because it saves them time and saves them from making a huge mistake.

Create a Client Experience

Customer service brings in more clients. Most of the reasons we buy from certain stores revolves around the service provided, not necessarily the product. You can buy many of the same food at Whole Foods that you can at Walmart, but people prefer Whole Foods because of their experience at the store.

Creating a great client experience does require some investment, but it is worth the cost. Companies that create an excellent client experience are more likely to get excellent reviews on Google and get more referral clients.

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