Successful Legal Marketing: All Clients Should Be Perfect Clients

If you are like thousands of other law firms, your firm probably has a range of clients, some of whom would be considered less than ideal and others who would be considered "perfect." The popular mindset among attorneys today is that in these tough economic times, they cannot afford to turn any client away. This is a mistake that costs the firm and its lawyers in lost time, money, and overall job satisfaction. Fortunately, successful legal marketing can help your firm build a client list that consists solely of "perfect clients."


In order to eliminate all but the most valuable clients, the law firm must have an effective marketing strategy in place. The core of a successful attorney marketing plan is a solid understanding of who the firm's perfect client is. From there, the legal marketing strategy should be geared specifically to that target audience. The marketing materials should:


  • Address the questions that your perfect client seeks answers for

  • Offer interesting and unique content that provides valuable information about the legal issues your perfect client faces

  • Present the information in a place that your perfect client frequently accesses, such as the internet


Every aspect of the overall marketing strategy should be founded on the concept of who the firm's ideal clients are. Investing the time to develop an accurate picture of the firm's perfect clients will pay off in the form of increased revenue and a better overall quality of life. The law firm will spend less time offering free consultations to clients who are not a good fit for the firm. It will also be investing its advertising budget more efficiently, given that the strategy will be targeted for the perfect client. By targeting this group, the law firm can stop settling for less than ideal clients.


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