What Your Legal Marketing Consultant Wants You to Know about Pay Per Click Keywords

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of law firm marketing that your legal marketing consultant might suggest for you. Pay per click has many potential advantages for your legal marketing campaign, but only if it is well-designed. If you choose the right keywords your pay per click advertisements, you can attract the potential clients you desire.
How to Choose the Right Pay Per Click Keywords
In order for your pay per click campaign to work, you need to pick the right keywords. When an Internet user types the keyword that you’ve chosen into a search engine, then your advertisement will appear. Thus, it is important to think about your keywords carefully.
When choosing keywords consider:
  • The words someone might use to find a lawyer in your practice area.
  • Adding your geographic area to the keyword. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, using the keyword “divorce attorney” may be expensive to purchase and result in a lot of clicks from people who will never hire you because they don’t live near you. Instead, you might try to use a phrase like “Chicago divorce attorney” or “divorce attorney in Cook County.”
  • Grouping your keywords together. You may attach more than one keyword to the same advertisement, but try to keep them within the same practice area. If you have more than one practice area then you may need different pay per click advertisements (and keywords).
  • The impact of negative keywords. What words do you NOT want to be associated with? Perhaps something like “Chicago divorce attorney jokes” or “unethical divorce attorneys in Cook County”? If so, add the negative keywords to your pay per click account, so that your advertisement does not show up when people search for the negative keywords.
  • Branded terms and common misspellings. It is important to include anything unique to your law firm, such as your law firm name, in your keywords. Also, include common misspellings so that people searching for your firm will find it — even if they don’t know exactly how to spell it.
When to Contact a Legal Marketing Consultant
Pay per click is only one part of what should be a comprehensive and complex attorney marketing plan. To find out more about the potential components of your lawyer marketing plan, please read our book Great Legal Marketing. You can read a FREE chapter of the book on our website.
If you are a small law firm, with five or fewer attorneys, and if you have an existing website, and if you are serious about changing your practice, then we encourage you to contact one of our law firm marketing consultants today for more information. We can be reached at 703.591.9829.
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