Legal Marketing Consultant: Why Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Unfortunately for lawyers looking for a single magic-bullet technique for attorney marketing, the most successful strategies use a multifaceted approach. Pay per click advertising is a supplemental form of marketing that can work in conjunction with other web-based techniques. These include social media accounts, a law firm website, and online educational materials such as blog posts, library articles, and free books or reports. Working together, these strategies lead to a successful attorney web marketing campaign.

How does pay per click advertising work? The following is a brief overview:
  • Pay per click advertising works by selling keywords to the highest bidder, so that when those words are typed into a search engine, the highest bidder’s website appears in the top of the search engine results.
  • Pay per click plans allow the attorney to control how much he or she spends up front, control what audience is targeted, control when the campaign is active and when it is inactive, and control the geographic area where the advertisements show.
  • Pay per click campaigns work by supplementing other forms of law firm advertising.
  • Pay per click advertising provides a new source of leads for the law firm.
  • Since the attorney chooses the keywords utilized, the location where the ads are shown, the amount spent, and the message shown, the leads are filtered to weed out the types of cases that the attorney does not want.
  • Pay per click plans create a lead generation system that is specifically targeted to the firm’s ideal potential clients.
  • Pay per click campaigns allow the firm to invest a specific amount of money and to easily evaluate the return on investment.

Pay per click advertising is just one form of legal web marketing available to law firms. An experienced legal marketing consultant can assist your firm in evaluating which strategies will work best for you. For more information, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.
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