Foundational Principles of Marketing

You'll read a lot on this website about how your legal marketing plan should be complex - and it should be. However, underneath that complexity, there should be a simple idea that guides your complex and advanced strategy.

Think Like Your Client

Our advice for the idea that should underlie your marketing campaign is not a secret, nor is it difficult to develop into a lawyer marketing strategy. Quite simply, we believe the foundation of your marketing plan should be thinking like your client.

You are going to invest time, energy, and money in developing and implementing your marketing campaign. It is important to make the investment wisely and in a way that can best serve the goals that you have set for yourself and your law firm.

To that end, it is important to consider why a prospective client is visiting your website, reading your print ad, following you on social media sites, or listening to your voicemail. It is important to answer your clients' questions in a way that establishes you as a trusted expert in your field of law.

Don't Be Like Everyone Else

If you look at the majority of attorney advertising then you will notice that much of it looks the same. It is almost as if there is a cookie cutter approach to law firm marketing that does little to set most lawyers apart from the intense competition they face from other attorneys.

If you think like a client and provide helpful resources to the community and prospective clients, then you have the opportunity to set your marketing campaign, and your law firm, apart from the others.

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