The newspapers and magazines are filled with articles about the New Year. Get in shape this year! Knock down your debt! Make your New Year’s resolutions happen. All of this information is great, but really, what is going to make this year any different than the last?

Go Above and Beyond with Your Legal Marketing Campaign
As a lawyer, marketer and entrepreneur, you need to go above and beyond all the normal New Year’s hype. That means not only should you set your goals for the New Year, you also need to create an action plan. Your plan must encompass your legal marketing efforts.

Some of the tips below might seem redundant and if so, let the list act as a reminder of what you need to do today to grow your practice, improve your business and achieve the life you want.
  1. Write down your ideas, goals and things to do. There is power in the written word. When you write down whatever it is you want to accomplish, it puts you one step closer to making it a reality. If you have some great lawyer marketing concepts you want to test out, write them down.
  2. Read as much as you can. View yourself as a lifelong student. You might have finished law school, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. By reading everything you can about legal marketing, you will be able to come up with fresh ways of thinking about your practice.
  3. Keep moving. Just because you failed at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving forward. Failure shouldn’t stop you from trying new things and pursuing your dreams. When you focus on your failures, you are literally burdening yourself with extra baggage. Stop thinking about what didn’t work and focus on what will work.

There are those people who only talk about change and goals they want to accomplish. Then there are others who take action and make things happen. Which camp do you want to be in?

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