"Know your numbers." This phrase encompasses one of the most important responsibilities of any business owner, and law firm owners do indeed own businesses.

The trouble is many attorneys don't know what numbers they should know!

Well, there's a lot of math that could be discussed when it comes to running a law practice, but we're going to take a look specifically at the math of MARKETING in the video below.

Discover what metrics you need to know in order to successfully market your practice; plus, how the numbers can affect each other. Having a firm grasp on this basic math is an important skill that most practice owners are lacking.

Here's the real magic concept: You can only CHANGE your numbers if you KNOW your numbers. Once you have a grasp on the basic numbers, you'll see opportunities to "move the dial" more efficiently to get more of the right kind of leads.

Watch the video below to learn about the Awesome Math of Marketing!

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Charley Mann
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Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!