Five Reasons Why Legal Web Marketing Is a Must Have for Your Law Firm

Twenty years ago, legal marketing strategies may or may not have targeted internet advertising. Today, attorney web marketing is no longer optional in our internet based society. If your law firm does not maximize its use of internet marketing, you may be missing out on countless potential clients. The following is a list of five reasons why legal web marketing is an efficient, effective, and essential form of advertising law firm services.


1. Today's potential clients search the internet before contacting an attorney.

Rather than search the yellow pages, it is common practice for today's potential clients to conduct a web search when looking for an attorney to assist with their legal problems. If your law firm does not have an effective online presence, these clients may never know that you exist. Statistics have proven, however, that most people do not look at the search results that show up after the second page. Having a website that employs search engine optimization techniques ensures that your website will appear near the top.


2. Take advantage of online video.

Online video is an inexpensive, effective way to form a connection with potential clients. Offering an online video allows potential clients a chance to get to know you, to become familiar with your firm, and to find answers to their legal questions. The video is also an excellent chance for the lawyer to create an image as a knowledgeable, confident practitioner.


3. Quickly and easily provide clients with frequent written content.

Online articles and blogs that discuss legal issues that your target clients are looking for are a valuable form of legal marketing. Potential clients searching the web for information can access this content at their convenience. It is also easily updated, search engine friendly, and can be conveniently organized and sortable on the website.


4. Be where the clients are: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With more than 800 million active Facebook users, 175 million registered Twitter users, and 100 million users of LinkedIn, online social media is no longer an optional form of attorney web marketing. Having a presence on these websites puts your law firm where potential clients will see you. It is an easy, effective way to build trust over time. It also improves your overall search ranking because Google takes into account your involvement in social media.


5. Today's clients are won not by selling, but by educating.

Effective legal marketing no longer focuses on a sales based strategy. Potential clients find your website when they research their legal problems. By offering attractive, educational, and informative online content, your law firm can develop a reputation as the go-to resource for individuals with legal questions. Continuing to offer this content over time builds trust with potential clients.


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