Breaking Out of the Old Business Marketing Model (Part B)

Step 2: Be Consistent

Another step in creating a stable client base without drastic ongoing recruiting efforts is consistency. To get a consistent clientele, you need to be consistent in your marketing efforts as well.

Just as you shouldn't double-up on medications if you miss a dose, being lax one month on your marketing efforts and doubly aggressive the next is only putting your campaign on a rollercoaster. With all those ups and downs, it's hard to measure if your marketing efforts are really working like you think they are.

Step 3: Diversify

Create legal marketing that will last without constant investment.When I say diversify I mean there's no one single method of marketing that is going to work for attracting your clients. No one can sell you a single solution to all your marketing needs and if they tell you they can, they're lying. Your law firm is different from every other firm out there and your marketing needs to reflect that.

Think about how you get most of your clients. Your answer is probably one thing - and that means it's time to branch out. You wouldn't want to let a verdict ride on a single piece of evidence! A good lawsuit has many pieces that work together to build your case; why would you let your marketing campaign run on a single strategy?

Finding Your Solid Ground

Stepping away from the marketing cycles and up-and-down trend of clients is just one of the ways you can work toward building a self-sufficient business. Getting to that level of stability takes time, effort, and dedication but it CAN happen.

I've seen hundreds of hardworking lawyers reach a great place where they can actually close their doors to new clients and run their firm with what they have, even making it home at a reasonable hour for dinner every night.

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