Legal Marketing and the Growth of Your Firm: Are You Fully Invested?

Every small business owner understands that in order to succeed, the business needs paying customers. Lawyers are no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, all of the years spent in law school classrooms and studying for bar exams do nothing to prepare attorneys for the challenges of growing a law firm. For this reason, law firm marketing mystifies many practitioners. They cling to the dated techniques used by older attorneys and at best half-heartedly consider new ways of advertising. In order to achieve both financial and personal success, however, attorneys must fully commit to a new form of legal marketing strategy.

What can attorneys do to fully invest in legal marketing?

  • Consider what qualities are unique to the lawyer and the law firm. Highlight these qualities and take advantage of them.
  • Stray away from the pack and learn about the law firm marketing techniques of the future. Stop advertising in the phone book and start creating a presence through social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Invest real time each week to marketing. Understand that marketing is as important as billable hours. Without paying clients coming through the door, there will be no hours to bill.
  • Commit fully to the legal marketing campaign by investing financial resources wisely and allocating sufficient time for carrying the plan through.

Every individual and every lawyer was born with a unique set of gifts and talents that can serve clients. In order to do so, however, potential clients must be made aware. Investing fully in an attorney marketing strategy will increase the client base and allow the lawyer to put his or her talents to maximum use.

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