You may have been one of those kids with posters of your favorite rock band plastered over your bedroom walls, dreaming of crowds of screaming fans and decked-out tour busses. Then you grew up, went to law school, and became a successful lawyer, still living the good life but without all the tabloids spreading the latest gossip on whether or not that's your real hair color.

You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with legal marketing, right? As I'm always saying, you can find inspiration and ideas for your lawyer advertising methods almost everywhere - even in your local music store. Take a page from the book of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and all those other rock bands that are still kicking in today's music world.

How do these rock bands survive?

Genetics professors may be studying Ozzy Osbourne's DNA to figure out how he's lived this long with the drug and alcohol abuse he's put his body through (it's true, Google it if you don't believe me), but there's a secret to a band's longevity that your legal marketing can benefit from. Think about the great rock bands, they all have some sort of hook.

A hook is important in the advertising of many things, including lawyer marketing. All great novels and movies have a hook that grabs your attention and keeps you wanting to read/watch more. Even comic book series have a hook that forces readers to keep buying issue after issue. Your legal marketing can benefit from a hook just as these other mediums do.

Take a look at your own lawyer advertising. Is it unique? Does is stand out from all the other lawyers in your practice and local area? Does it make customers sit up and take notice? I'm talking about all facets of your legal marketing: your website, logo, business cards, and article footers. If you're not hooking your clients' attention with your lawyer advertising, you may as well not advertise at all.

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