Effective Legal Marketing: Not a Client Now? Could Be a Client Later

After building a successful legal web marketing strategy, an attorney will likely receive many phone calls, emails, or meetings with potential clients who ultimately do not hire the law firm. It is possible that the potential client is simply not ready to hire a lawyer, or may have a case that is outside of the firm’s niche practice area. Regardless of the reason, it is still essential to an effective legal marketing campaign to maintain regular contact with these individuals. Why? Because today’s unsuccessful contact could turn into tomorrow’s highest paying client.

Too many law firms make the mistake of removing individuals from the firm’s database if the potential client decides not to move forward. This is a costly mistake, due to the following:

  • While a potential client may not be ready to hire a lawyer right now, that could change in future months
  • While a potential client may have a legal matter that is outside of the law firm’s niche practice area, he or she may have a legal need arise in the future that the firm can help with
  • Potential clients who are either not a good fit or not ready to hire an attorney may have friends or family in need of legal services

Therefore, it is almost never a waste of resources to keep these individuals in the law firm database. While marketing dollars may not need to be allocated to aggressively target this group, regular contact can be maintained at low cost to the firm. This includes:

  • Keeping the individual on the firm’s mailing list
  • Referring the individual to the law firm’s website, which contains a wealth of information and resources
  • Asking the individual to “like” the firm’s Facebook page
  • Following the individual on Twitter
  • Referring the individual to the firm’s YouTube channel

By maintaining regular monthly contact with these individuals, they will be reminded of the law firm. When a legal need arises or when a friend or family calls asking for referrals, that law firm will be at the forefront of the individual’s mind, increasing the likelihood of generating potential business.

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Ben Glass
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