Why Potential Clients Want Video Included in Your Legal Marketing Website

There is a lot of good, useful, and important information that you can put on your website in the form of written content. Our legal marketing experts believe that written content is extremely important to the success of your website. However, written content alone is not enough. Today, visitors to your website want more and your lawyer marketing plan can deliver it to them!

Specifically, prospective clients want video.

When you think about it, video makes sense for prospective clients. Specifically, it allows:

  • Clients to get to know you before calling you. Think about when you watch a local reporter or weatherman on TV. You feel like you know that person because you’ve heard his or her voice and seen his or her demeanor. When you run into that person, you may feel like you already know him or her. You may feel comfortable and familiar despite never having met the person before. The same is true for the clients who view your online video.
  • You to establish trust and show your knowledge. The confidence with which you speak can help establish trust and showcase your expertise before you even know about the potential client’s existence. You can answer important questions and teach clients about their rights. By providing useful and pertinent information, you can encourage the right clients to call you and the others not to waste your time.

How to Include Video in Your Attorney Marketing Plan

Now that you understand why video is so important to your overall law firm marketing plan, you probably have questions about how to get a great video up on your website. We encourage you to browse the FREE resources available on our website, including our video library and to call us directly at 703.591.9829 for more information.

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