Using Google-Friendly Links Can Help Your Search Ratings and Bring in Business

You probably know that adding links to other webpages is a great way to add value to your site. But knowing how often should you link, what text you should highlight, and where you should link to can make the difference between bringing in clients and getting you shunned by search robots.

Three key rules to remember when adding hyperlinks to your law firm’s website.Here are three key rules to remember when adding  hyperlinks to your law firm’s website :

  • Choose your text wisely. The phrase you choose for the base of your link is called your anchor text. This text is very important, as search engines will compare the words in the phrase to the link to make sure they match. You should always link from a key phrase, such as “medical malpractice cases,” rather than your firm’s name (e.g., “Smith and Jones Law”).
  • Start strong.Search engines are programmed to scan the first few lines of your pages, just as anyone visiting your site would do. They assume that the most important information about your firm will be in the title, headline, and opening paragraph—so don’t disappoint them! Always put at least one hyperlinked key phrase in the first few sentences of your page’s copy.
  • Link internally. When your readers click your links, they’re going to be sent to a different page—and then that page will dictate where they go next. So why would you send them away from your own site? Whenever possible, link your readers to another of your pages, such as a library article or blog post. However: make sure the page you link to has relevant information about the phrase you’ve linked. If you’re just shuffling your readers around your site, they’ll catch on quickly—and they won’t thank you for it.

The important thing to remember is to optimize your law firm website for both search engines and clients. If you’re not keeping up with the latest search engine optimization for legal websites, your site will quickly be lost among millions of other pages—and your customers can’t read what they can’t find.

Ben Glass
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