Are You Blindly Following Legal Industry Norms? Stop It!

When it comes to attorney marketing, you have two choices: follow industry norms or go in a new direction. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks. While it’s important to understand that some industry norms are normal for a reason, it’s also important to understand that you aren’t going to get anywhere new if you don’t do anything new.

Breaking legal industry norms and do something different.Here are five industry norms that you SHOULD reject:

  1. You should be on every committee under the sun. You might think that being on every single committee will get you more cases and referrals, but the truth is that you end up not getting ideal cases or ideal clients. You also waste a lot of time by creating lots of obligations.
  2. Running a successful law practice means not having a family life. Should you give clients your cell phone number? Should you be available to discuss work matters 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Even though it might initially help business to be available to everyone, it will hurt your quality of life and simply isn’t necessary.
  3. You need a television commercial that runs constantly. This might have been true ten years ago, but these days television advertising has changed dramatically. For the price of running your TV ad a million times, consider what else your marketing dollar could buy.
  4. Personal injury clients only respond to a certain type of marketing. Some attorneys balk at any type of advertising that is new and fresh. Others doubt that anyone will respond to “that” type of marketing that personal injury attorneys use. Who is right? It depends on who your ideal client is and what your goals are.
  5. My clients don’t want to be overwhelmed with information. Simply not true. We now live in a world where people want to have quick access to information via the Internet—a place where you can type a question into a search engine and get an answer. If you provide the answers on your web page, you can secure clients.
Ben Glass
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