Efficient Planning for Law Firm Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to law firm promotion, some people understand the importance of a solid legal practice marketing campaign and some people assume that clients will find them… eventually… somehow.

While having a website and a physical building might be enough to pull in some potential clients, it’s actually very important to make time for marketing and pull in those extra clients who might not be looking for you.

It’s hard to see the tangible results of online marketing so that some law firms can lose sight of its importance. You probably already understand that marketing gets customers, so you know you need to do it. But without aggressive time budgeting for marketing, you can fall victim to the “Tuesday afternoon syndrome”: Around 4:00 pm on some Tuesday, when all your other work is cleared away, you have time to work on marketing. Instead, it’s so easy to rationalize that it’s not that big of a deal—and you go home early.

Make time to create marketing for your law firm.That’s why you need a law firm marketing schedule that puts goals to a calendar and will eventually produce results.

Here are some tips to make sure the marketing gets done:

  • Put it on a schedule, and stick with it. Every Tuesday for an hour after lunch, or every Friday morning, or every Monday at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter, just put it on the calendar and make it happen.
  • No down time. If you’re in the office, use the time you have. Have half an hour between meetings? Jot down some ideas of places to meet potential clients in town. Is a partner running late for a project? Look over your list of potential clients and draft a little letter to keep them posted on what’s new in the office.
  • Make goals. Short-term and long-term goals are the best ways to look to where you want to be and give you a path on how to get there.
  • Demand efficient marketing plans. Look to what projects will bring in the most, best potential clients and put more time towards that than smaller-scale projects. But unless you have clients lining up outside the door, don’t ignore the little projects either. Those are the ones that can take you to the next level, even if they have a smaller return on time invested.

Aggressive time management in the office can get you home for dinner on a Friday afternoon but make better use of your time during the week.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.