Effective Lawyer Marketing Through Monthly Newsletters (Part 2 of 2)

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Part of creating an effective client newsletter that your clients look forward to receiving every month is keeping it interesting. No one wants to read the same boring legal articles month after month. Remember that your marketing efforts are not only to sell your legal practice as an indispensible commodity, but also to sell you as a person they like and trust.

Show Your Clients What Matters to You

We've talked about showing the personal side of your practice to help establish you as a person and not just a lawyer. Your client newsletter should reflect everything about your business, including the fact that you have a personal life. Every once in a while, you should make a habit of tossing in a picture of the family on a weekend outing, or your secretary's new puppy.

Does your firm participate in any sort of community events, charity runs, or interesting hobbies? Let your client newsletter show it! You don't have to talk legal issues all the time, either. You can post your thoughts on current news buzz, include a local calendar of events, anything to lighten the mood so it's not just a "lawyer newsletter."

Making Your Client Newsletter Not a Newsletter

Guess what; your client newsletter serves another purpose! No, not birdcage lining, I'm talking about other creative ways to use the work you put into creating this client newsletter. As I said before, make sure everything you write is done with the thought that "I could use this elsewhere." Your words are your own, so recycling them on your blog, your website, and in other publications you submit to is perfectly fine.

Sometimes your client newsletter doesn't even have to BE a newsletter. Try switching things up one month. A holiday greeting card with a regular-format letter is a great alternative to your traditional newsletter during the winter months. Going on vacation? Send your clients a "Wish You Were Here" style postcard with a note on the latest news while you were out.

Want Help Publishing Your Newsletter?

Great Legal Marketing has a service that can help you launch your newsletter quickly so you can start taking advantage of all of the benefits of creating a newsletter as soon as possible. You'll generate referrals and build better relationships with your clients. You can get started by learning more (including getting a free DVD with information) at GLMnewsletters.com.

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