An owner of a law firm needs to be more than just a lawyer.You’re a smart, up-and-coming attorney with a lot of time and dedication to offer your clients.

Unfortunately, that also describes every other lawyer in your area

In order for available clients to choose your business, potential clients have to see be a difference between you and the other law firms near you. So how can you turn a great law firm into a successful one?

If you’re going to achieve any star power in your community, you’re going to have to become an entrepreneur. It may sound crazy—especially since law firms themselves are as old as the hills—but most people are looking for a fresh approach. They don’t want to read the same boring promises; they want someone qualified who also has a good personality—and isn’t afraid to let it shine through. 

When you are marketing your legal practice, you must be prepared to:

  • Shake it up. If you do exactly what all other firms are doing—listing your accomplishments online, making vague promises—you may get enough cases to stay afloat, and maybe even make a name for yourself. However, this kind of establishment takes time. Remember: you want to stand out to get people to come to your door. If you have a good “hook,” they’ll show up—and you can show them how competent you are when they get there.
  • Throw it out. Don’t be afraid to make a change if something’s not working. If your web developer can’t give you any control over your website, then start looking for someone else. If people are clicking away from your page in less than five seconds, your content isn’t interesting enough. Think about what your audience would want to read, what would keep them on your site: once you’ve done that, you can speak directly to them.
  • Keep it up. In order to make sure you are constantly improving your legal practice, you need to revisit your marketing strategy every few weeks. If there has been a dip in your ideal caseload, consider bumping your advertising in one area for one month. The short timeframe will be easier on your budget, and will also make the results of the advertising easier to track.
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.