Videos Provide an Opportunity to Showcase Your Law Firm’s Talents

A good website will be able to keep the visitors engaged and informed quickly, easily, and efficiently. The web designer for a firm can be one of the more important architects of a law firm marketing campaign. Potential clients might be looking for a lawyer who went to a particular Ivy League school or who have a flawless win record, but chances are they’re just looking for answers from a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional law firm.

A good way to keep the attention of the website’s visitors is to have engaging and informative videos on the various practice areas and common topics covered by the practice. If someone is in a position where they need to find a lawyer, he is probably soon going to be tired of reading similar content from one law firm after another. A good video provides the eyes a break from the monotony of searching for law firms.

Online law firm videos are mutually beneficial for the law practice and the potential clients. No matter how straightforward a library article or attorney profile might be, it’s going to be difficult to grab the attention of a potential client who has been searching for a lawyer for more than fifteen minutes. Think about the fact that people would much rather watch the movie than read the book—especially if it’s something they’re not interested in. 

Be the lawyer your clients want. When you can't meet all potential clients face-to-face, a video make immediate human contact in a way that text cannot.

It’s easy for a lawyer to sit down in front of his many leather-bound books and talk about what he knows best: the law. Set up a decent video camera, and pretend you're talking to a client who has come in for a first meeting. Go over the basics of the practice area, whether it’s DUI, bankruptcy, car accidents, or something else. Showcase your knowledge and become a real person in the eyes of future clients. They’re going to want someone they can trust, and “face” to face interaction is important.

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