The Importance of Getting Your Legal Books Written (Part B)

Finding Time to Write

Legal books are a cornerstone of your legal marketing plan and you need to make sure you devote some time to developing them. I've said that your time is your most important asset and this holds true even with projects like writing your legal books. However, you can find time to work in a bit of writing every day if you do it properly. Scheduling a block of time is the quickest and most efficient way to getting your legal books written.

Unless you're a writer for a living, you're not going to spend all day at your computer typing every thought that comes into your head. Instead, you should set aside 45-90 minutes of time per day to write, following a process such as: 

  • Start by re-reading the last 2 pages of what you last wrote;
  • Focus on answering the questions you commonly hear from clients;
  • If you're having trouble getting motivated, choose an aspect of the subject you're fond of and work from there first; and
  • Find a natural stopping place that will let you easily pick up the next day. 

Who can help me write and publish my legal books?

There are plenty of stenographers or even ghostwriters willing to help you get your legal books on paper. When writing on your own you should write as if you're speaking naturally to a client. If you find your writing too dry or not achieving a natural tone, you may need to hire someone else to help you get your ideas into text form.

Once you've got a manuscript, there are several publishers out there willing to do small run publishing, or you can even create a digital format of your book for easy (cheap!) distribution. This is one of the main points in legal marketing - get your legal books in the clients' hands as quickly and easily as possible.

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