How to Create a Killer Client Database (Part 2 of 2)

Make Your Database Simple to Manage

How you store and manage all these names is almost as important as just having a client database in the first place. The software you choose to manage your list is critical in automating your marketing strategies in the future. Your goal is automation to the point where minimal management is all you need to keep your marketing machine running.

A good client database management software will:

  • Automatically add everyone who fills out the contact form on your website.
  • Easily import contact information from any existing client management software you have.
  • Tell you how the client got added to the database (website form, phone call, client referral, etc.)
  • Be easily used by your staff to add new contacts through manual input (if they came to you by phone or in-person)
  • Automatically respond to each new prospective client inquiry in a personalized manner.
  • Segregates your names so your top referral sources can be easily noted and marketed to differently. 

For years I've been using a program called InfusionSoft for all my client database needs. It does all of the above for both my entire law practice and 2 other businesses. This is how I can manage my professional life and still have a personal life. Learn more about Infusionsoft as a tool for your law firm.

Your Database as Part of the Big Picture

The names in your database drive many parts of your marketing strategies and are also partially fueled by them. This is where the Email addresses for your seasonal online greeting cards come from and the mailing addresses for your monthly newsletter are stored. You can easily check which of your marketing strategies are adding the most entries into your client database so you can determine what's working and what needs work.

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Members of Great Legal Marketing are regularly shown new ideas of how to make the most of their database, ranging from great ideas for a monthly newsletter to giveaways that can get your list participating with you. If you are interested in learning more about joining Great Legal Marketing, take a look at our "Test Drive" program!

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