Make Your Law Firm’s Website Work for You (Part A)

One of the strongest marketing strategies at your disposal is your website. Today's client is on the Internet looking for their attorney. In our world, the Internet is everywhere from our stationary home computers to on-the-go smartphones. Clients would much rather find their professional services online first and then in-person.

Word-of-mouth is slowly being supplemented by review sites, blogs and databases of "experts" in a number of fields. These digital versions of water cooler chat are how people now find out about the best in the business. The best part is, all of them can be linking to YOUR website, establishing you as the legal guru in your area! 

The Role Your Website Plays In Your Marketing Strategies

Imagine your website as a central hub to which your other marketing strategies connect to. All the other marketing tools we've talked about - blogs, YouTube, databases - they all work with your website in one way or another. Your website is the main portal through which all your other Internet marketing strategies run.

Your blog is connected directly to your website, and should be featured on its main page. Remember, this is the real image that establishes your online reputation. You're not just a picture or a video; you are your content as well. Of course, your website should also contain your videos, but your content is your voice.

That "Contact Us" page on your website is another major player in your online marketing strategies and should be one of the major suppliers of new names to your client database. With website forms easily set up to automatically feed into your database management software, this marketing strategy is a minimal effort that pays off big.

What Your Website Says About You

Nothing turns off a potential client like an ugly or useless website
. Your clients are looking for legal advice, free information, and a way to contact you. If your website doesn't give them this, or makes it difficult to do so, they'll leave without giving it a second thought.

Your website is important to catching your clients' attention and showing them that not only are you easy to contact, but your site is worth exploring for the wealth of FREE information on it. If you have a guide, info package, or book to offer them, make sure that's prominent on your home page. It proves that you're so knowledgable you've written books on the subject!

A clean and organized website shows you've put thought and effort into maintaining a good image. No one wants to see a poorly designed website that's difficult to navigate. Hiring a good Web design company to handle the development and design of your website is your best bet. In other words, don't skimp on your site design by hiring your 15-year old nephew to do it.

Keep reading for my 3 steps to creating content for your website that will help boost your search engine rankings and influence your clients into hiring you once they've found you.

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