Develop a Legal Marketing Campaign That Attracts Your Perfect Client (Part A)

Let's pretend for a moment that you are the head coach of a professional minor league sports team. The next season is around the corner and the benches are looking a little empty and you recognize it's time to start recruiting new players. Now, do you just print up a bunch of fliers and post them willy-nilly on every street corner, announcing open team trials and filling the positions as people walk through the door?

Or, do you sit down with your assistant coach and the rest of your coaching staff to discuss your goals for the upcoming season and what types of players you need to build a winning team?

Develop a Marketing Campaign For Your Law Firm and Stick to It

The way you approach marketing for your law firm-or any business for that matter-should never be done on-the-fly. There's a time and a place for letting your free spirit wander loose and your place of business is not it. Never do anything randomly or haphazardly; this includes developing a marketing campaign for your law firm. Part of that marketing campaign includes planning a stage in which you identify the types of cases that you want to handle at your firm.

Let's go back to that sports team analogy. Think of the incoming players as your potential clients. Have you been flinging open the doors to your practice, inviting anyone and everyone to retain you for legal services? This unorganized approach to marketing, not to mention vetting and accepting clients, can lead to a very unsatisfying experience for you, your staff and your clients.

My upcoming book, Great Legal Marketing, is designed to give lawyers the tools they need to develop a marketing campaign that works for them. An expertly designed marketing plan will help you to find the perfect clients and cases. My book offers you the guidance you require to get started, but most importantly, it teaches you how to take control of your own marketing goals to assure your continued success.

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